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GAURI AUTO has opened its first Factory Outlet

GAURI AUTO INDIA has opened its first Factory outlet to capture the market of Faridabad bringing big discounts and offers. Opening of the first factory outlet in Faridabad will help the company to provide the newest innovative products directly to the customers. Factory outlet are an important growth initiative for GAURI AUTO INDIA, offering a unique opportunity to acquire new customers by offering them great products at an amazing value. The 4500 square foot factory outlet will feature three wheelers, E-Rickshaws and automotive spare parts.


GAURI AUTO INDIA is launching its electric scooter and is expected to make its appearance in the Indian market in the 4th quarter of 2019. This electric scooter will be equipped with comfortable seats, robust shock absorbers and stunning alloy wheels to give our customer better riding comfort and stability. The use of lithium ion battery will make the vehicle lighter and agile and will add extra kilometre to the mileage. Lithium Ion Batteries are lighter, last longer, more eco-friendly and more efficient than lead acid batteries.